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 ex Plus Alpha (mise à jour) 1.5.33

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ex Plus Alpha (mise à jour) 1.5.33 Empty
Msg n°1 MessageSujet: ex Plus Alpha (mise à jour) 1.5.33 ex Plus Alpha (mise à jour) 1.5.33 Icon_minitimeVen 24 Juin 2016, 08:06

Robert Broglia a récemment mis à jour l'intégralité des ses émulateurs (NEO.emu... etc)
Avec quelques changement intéressant comme le support des .7z (mais pas encore pour les images disques)

Version 1.5.32 (2016.06.17)
Android: Fixed GPU Copy Mode from picking Surface Texture if the related shader fails to compile and can't actually produce any graphics output

Version 1.5.31 (2016.06.16)
MSX: Quick fix for missing Machine Type menu item, no other systems were changed

Version 1.5.30 (2016.06.16)
Rewrote archive support, all systems can load ZIP, RAR, & 7Z archives for most media except CD images (solid archives may not always work currently)
When assigning an unrecognized key in an input config, display its keycode instead of "Unknown" so the user can differentiate them
Improve velocity calculation when scrolling a menu to behave more consistently between all types of input devices & frame rates (i.e. a touch screen with very high sample rate or monitor with higher than 60Hz refresh rate)
The reset menu command can now perform a soft or hard reset if the system supports it
Android: Support new Android features like runtime permissions for external storage, and correct behavior in multi-window
Android: Fixed crashes on some Mali GPUs with GPU Copy Mode on Auto
Android: Added native ARM64 build
Android: Split into two APKs to save space on older ARM devices, ARM64 & X86 builds moved into 2nd APK
Android: Add option to prevent CPU going idle and potentially dropping frames by simulating a touch-screen event every second
C64: Updated core to VICE 2.4.20
C64: Experimental option for setting different VICE emulation systems, this feature is not yet complete because various I/O functions aren't hooked up yet
C64: Moved C64 Model option into renamed System & IO Control menu, this sets the current C64 model for the running game and is stored in the save state
C64: Added Default C64 Model option, this sets the initial model when launching a game without a previous save state
C64: Fixed reboot when loading a save state with a different C64 model than current
C64: Fixed audio rate when save state changes between NTSC/PAL
2600: Updated core to Stella 4.6.1
NES: Support loading FDS BIOS from an archive file

NOTE : Pour ceux qui on une impression de latence avec la manette / joytsick, il suffit de désactiver le saut d'image (frameskip).

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ex Plus Alpha (mise à jour) 1.5.33 Empty
Msg n°2 MessageSujet: Re: ex Plus Alpha (mise à jour) 1.5.33 ex Plus Alpha (mise à jour) 1.5.33 Icon_minitimeLun 27 Juin 2016, 19:35

Version 1.5.33 (2016.06.27)
Show error messages for various file loading errors in browser
Fixed loading archive files from drag & drop and Intents
Restored missing sound option "Mix With Other Apps"
Fixed screenshot write error, and taking a screenshot now advances a frame each time
Android: Fixed crash on Nexus 6 on Android N with GPU Copy Mode set to Auto
Android: Fixed lack of input response on devices like the Moto G with Marshmallow update
Android: Recognize stylus input as touch events
C64: Updated core to VICE 2.4.28
C64: Fixed PRG loading
C64: Set TDE off by default in the interest of battery life
C64: Added Virtual Device Traps option needed to use disks without TDE
C64: Added more options under System & Media Control menu
Snes9x: Recognize .mgd extension
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ex Plus Alpha (mise à jour) 1.5.33
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