[E3 2016] Dead Rising 4

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Leaked Dead Rising 4 screens feature Christmas, gore, and a super-powered suit

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A number of screens and GIFs for Dead Rising 4 have been posted on video game forum NeoGAF by user Gwyn. The screens appear to show a homecoming for the Dead Rising series: the presumed hero looks like the first Dead Rising’s protagonist, Frank West, and one screen includes a sign for Willamette, the location of the mall at the center of that game’s story.
The town, in all of the screens, is covered in snow and decorated with Christmas lights. The protagonist, in one screen, sports a glowing, super-powered suit. In one GIF, the Frank West-like character literally tears a zombie in half.
More information is expected to be shared tomorrow at Microsoft’s E3 press conference. Dead Rising 3 was an exclusive launch game for the Xbox One.
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[E3 2016] Dead Rising 4
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