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 SuperZaxxon v1.75

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: SuperZaxxon v1.75 Jeu 07 Juil 2016, 20:55

Citation :
This release is mostly about idle power saving (reduced battery usage when you close the lid or leave pandora doing nothing), which was released and discussed before, but now you get a flashable image too. It also comes with an updated bootloader. I'll just go forth with a changelog now:
u-boot: updated to a newer version
u-boot: enabled booting from the second (right) SD card slot; it's now also possible to reflash from it
u-boot: enabled booting directly from ext4 partitions
u-boot: added a keypad driver and an option to enter u-boot shell (urjaman)
u-boot: some compatibility changes for the kernel idle power saving stuff (CC unit might not show u-boot menu if you stay on the old u-boot version and require removing battery for 5 minutes to recover)
kernel: updated to 3.2.81
kernel: added various idle power saving hacks
kernel: enabled all USB related drivers which were still disabled
kernel: enabled the SmartReflex driver (inactive by default, more info here)
kernel: it's now possible to change the voltage of the expansion port supply (or disable it) by using /proc/pandora/exp_power_mv . Note that the bootloaders still set it to 3V, and the kernel will disable it if nothing writes to exp_power_mv after a minute.
kernel: audio playback no longer interrupts recording
the screen no longer turns on if a button is pressed while the lid is closed (Zink)
xfce4-battery-plugin: now shows "time to full" while charging
I recommend to at least update the bootloader to gain the booting/flashing ability from the right slot, so in case the left one ever breaks, you can use the right one. If you don't want to wipe the NAND you can just prepare the reflash card as usual, but delete rootfs.* files and then it will just flash the bootloader and keep the NAND. If you do so, run the OS update first to get all the kernel modules.

The battery meter reports over 2 weeks of idle runtime on my units now when the screen is off.

Upgrading from a previous SuperZaxxon version (1.5x or newer):
Use the "Upgrade Pandora OS" option

Please note:
If you are updating from v1.61 or lower, it is highly recommended to do a full reflash because many system libraries have been changed in 1.70 and some users reported failures updating from v1.61 or earlier. Updating from 1.70 should be completely safe.
Be sure to backup any important data you might have in your NAND for the above reasons.
User-Modified configs will not be overwritten with the new version.
It is recommended to do a full flash in case you are encountering any issues.

Upgrade instructions using the Full-Flash-Image:

Download SuperZaxxon v1.75

Please note: Flashing the new firmware will put your unit back into a default state. All your settings and users will be lost. Of course, this does not apply to PNDs which save their stuff on the SD-Card.

To install it, simply extract the archive onto the root of your SD Card.
Insert the SD Card into the left slot. Keep R (shoulder) pressed while switching on your Pandora and select "Boot from SD1"
It will then flash the firmware onto the NAND. After it's finished, reboot your Pandora and patiently wait until the First Boot Wizard appears on the screen.

Please note: When reflashing from v1.72 or earlier, some SD cards might not be detected ("Boot from SD1" will not appear). You will need to find another SD card, usually older ones work.

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Msg n°2 MessageSujet: Re: SuperZaxxon v1.75 Ven 08 Juil 2016, 00:01

Je viens de faire la maj via la fonction d'upgrade dans les parametres system, RAS.
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Msg n°3 MessageSujet: Re: SuperZaxxon v1.75 Ven 08 Juil 2016, 08:40

Super news. :top:

Merci BAFelton je testerai ce soir.
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SuperZaxxon v1.75
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