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 [Tuto] Installer de nouveaux Recovery

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: [Tuto] Installer de nouveaux Recovery Jeu 26 Mar 2015, 16:25


Un copier coller du thread de Deen0x sur dingioonity concernant l'installation de Recoverys, pour ceux qui veulent mettre les mains dans le cambouis :

Hi all!

due the limitations on the Much Snail firmware for getting recovery, and reading that people prefer this firmware because their better battery life, i managed to create a quick way to adding standard recovery to the device.

- Download the Much 78P01_W1 _Recoverys_By_Deen0X.rar file, and unpack on somewhere in your HDD
- Download MTKDroidTools from rua1
- Open MTKDroidTools and go to the file you downloaded and unpacked.
- Now you can select which recovery want to install:
· · for Normal recovery, select the file: MT6592_Android_scatter_Recovery_On.txt
· · for CWM recovery, select the file: MT6592_Android_scatter_Recovery_CWM.txt
· · for default Snail Recovery (for OTA updates), select the file: MT6592_Android_scatter_Recovery_Off.txt

Note about CWM

i don´t know which key is for ENTER (selecting options). if anybody know how to use this version of CWM, let me know for update this guide (and the review)

Hope you found useful this.

(Thanks to skelton for their support)


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Msg n°2 MessageSujet: Re: [Tuto] Installer de nouveaux Recovery Ven 27 Mar 2015, 01:25

Le plus important, c'est de pouvoir entrer dans le menu Recovery par le combo "power et vol+"

Great job
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[Tuto] Installer de nouveaux Recovery
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