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 X91 controller, un pad retro pour XBox et PC

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: X91 controller, un pad retro pour XBox et PC Mer 01 Fév 2017, 08:22

Video game makers understand thousand (possibly millions) of 30-something fans are driven by an urge to recapture the simply days of their youth. Earlier this year, Nintendo rereleased its NES, which couldn’t stay on shelves, while a side-scrolling Mario game, Super Mario Run, debuted on mobile. We yearn for long weekends locked indoors, what can we say?
Now a company called Hyperkin is feeding the consumer appetite for retro video games with the debut of its X91 Controller for Xbox One and Windows 10 devices. The controller, which will be released on February 21st, is clearly inspired by older analog controllers, like the Super Nintendo controller.
The X91 includes a headphone jack and analog triggers, has vibration feedback, and includes a nine-foot cable. It’ll be available in red, white, or black. The red looks particularly brooding, while the black controller triggers fond memories of the Sega Genesis. The X91 will cost $29.99.
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Msg n°2 MessageSujet: Re: X91 controller, un pad retro pour XBox et PC Jeu 02 Fév 2017, 05:45

Why only for XboxOne?

This would be ok for Rare Replay but not too much exciting going on for that system, especially retro games. I hope to have one in a few weeks to try out, I am a fan of Hyperkin's S91, GN6 and 85 controllers. But just like their retro keyboard i am confused on the decession (and price)
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X91 controller, un pad retro pour XBox et PC
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