Snowman Reloaded

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: Snowman Reloaded Snowman Reloaded Icon_minitimeJeu 27 Fév 2014, 21:21

I proudly present Snowman Reloaded.

The original version was made 2 years ago for a competition and run on the gp2x, wiz, caanoo, dingux and pandora.
For another competition, which ended some days ago, I did a lot of improvements, I even implemented Compo4All!
So, what makes this game so special against other jump and runs?
First of all: You are a snowman. Secondly everything you do (except walking and hitting with your broom) costs snow. Advantage: You will find plenty of snow. Disadvantage: You are made of snow. So everytime you get hit by an enemy, you shoot, even if you jump: You will loose snow. So you have to economize your snow.

Furthermore to get a good score in C4A you also need to be fast in solving levels. "Solving levels" means: Kill as many enemies as prescribed.

I hope you enjoy it.
And of course I hope, it runs well....

Download with OPKManager should work, too.

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Snowman Reloaded
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