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 La dreamcast de nouveau connectée grâce au Raspberry PI

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Get Your Sega Dreamcast Back Online With ‘DreamPi’ For The Raspberry Pi

Sega may well have closed down their official servers for the Dreamcast years ago, but as of late there has been several community efforts to get reconnected. While many of these modern alternatives required the pricey Dreamcast Broadband Adapter, those with the standard 56k Modem Adapter are now in luck.
DreamPi is an all new piece of software for the Raspberry Pi micro-computer that makes online gaming on the Dreamcast all too easy. By simply connecting a USB 56k Modem and a telephone cable between the Pi and Dreamcast, the DreamPi software will be able to connect Sega’s console to the world wide web once more.
Although there is a small amount of initial setup required - including a small bit of rewiring with the telephone cable - overall this is a much more cost effective solution to online gaming. Given that the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter still commands prices of £150 upwards, the DreamPi will cost no more than £30, as long as you have a Sega Dreamcast at the ready.
As of speaking the DreamPi is compatible with Phantasy Star Online Version 2 and the DreamKey 3.0 web browser, with Quake 3 Arena and Toy Racer due for fixes in the near future.

DreamPi Connected Online To Phantasy Star Online

DreamPi Required Parts / Shopping List

  • Sega Dreamcast with Modem Adapter
  • A Raspberry Pi
  • An SD card
  • A Linux-compatible, USB dial-up voice modem
  • A telephone cable
  • An ethernet cable
  • Dreamcast browser software (e.g. Dreamkey 3.0)

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La dreamcast de nouveau connectée grâce au Raspberry PI
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