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 SuperZaxxon v1.70RC released

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Ultimate Retrogamer

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: SuperZaxxon v1.70RC released Jeu 13 Nov 2014, 09:31

And here we got SuperZaxxon v1.70RC for you.
It's basically v1.62RC with bugfixes. We decided to move to 1.70 since there were MANY updates since v1.61.

Note: if you are going to install the update through "Upgrade Pandora OS", from v1.61 or lower, you need to make sure to run the update to completion. If the update fails for some reason, like Internet connection problems, please run the update again and let if finish. After it successfully finishes (but not earlier), you need to reboot as the system may be unstable until restart due to updated libs.

Here are the fixes since v1.62RC:

UPDATE: tcl/tk and it's python bindings to 8.5.8
UPDATE: kernel: updated to latest stable release (3.2.64). Includes important NEON vld/vst alignment fault handling fix.
NEW: added fusilli-client and adb (android debug bridge) to default OS
FIX: udev: made USB devices accessible to main user by default, no need to edit udev rules any more
UPDATE: zlib to 1.2.8 (some PNDs want newer version, version checks did not work before but now they do for some reason)
UPDATE: pixman to 0.32 (some desktop drawing operations might be a bit faster)
UPDATE: wpa-supplicant: updated to 2.2
FIX: added missing SGX driver file for 1GHz pandoras
FIX: xfce4-session: fixed possible crash when using "Save session for future logins" feature
FIX: pnd_run: nub modes are restored on last PND exit (to deal with crashing/misbehaving PNDs)
UPDATE: ncurses to 5.9
UPDATE: less to 458

Upgrading from a previous SuperZaxxon version (1.5x or newer):

Use the "Upgrade Pandora OS"-Version (PLEASE READ NOTE ABOVE!)
Please note:
User-Modified configs will not not be overwritten with the new version.

Be sure to backup any important data you might have in your NAND for the above reasons.
It is recommended to do a full flash in case you are encountering any issues.

Upgrade instructions using the Full-Flash-Image:

Download SuperZaxxon Final v1.70RC : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Please note: Flashing the new firmware will put your unit back into a default state. All your settings and users will be lost. Of course, this does not apply to PNDs which save their stuff on the SD-Card.

To install it, simply extract the archive onto the root of your SD Card.
Insert the SD Card into the left slot. Keep R (shoulder) pressed while switching on your Pandora and select "Boot from SD1"
It will then flash the firmware onto the NAND. After it's finished, reboot your Pandora and patiently wait until the First Boot Wizard appears on the screen.

If "Boot from SD1" doesn't appear, try to reformat the SD Card using Panasonic SD Formatter, recopy the files and retry.

Please let us know any issues you encounter.
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The Puppet Master
The Puppet Master

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Msg n°2 MessageSujet: Re: SuperZaxxon v1.70RC released Jeu 13 Nov 2014, 15:19

Merci BAFelton! :top: Quels devs et quelle communauté efficace, ça fait plaisir! :beer:

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« Je représente l'humanité telle que ses maîtres l'ont faite. L'homme est un mutilé. Ce qu'on m'a fait, on l'a fait au genre humain. On lui a déformé le droit, la justice, la vérité, la raison, l'intelligence, comme à moi les yeux, les narines et les oreilles ; comme à moi, on lui a mis au cœur un cloaque de colère et de douleur, et sur la face un masque de contentement. »

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Team Open Consoles
Team Open Consoles

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Msg n°3 MessageSujet: Re: SuperZaxxon v1.70RC released Sam 15 Nov 2014, 09:46

Déjà une nouvelle version. Ca n'arrête plus !!!!

Eternel Nostalgeek !
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Msg n°4 MessageSujet: Re: SuperZaxxon v1.70RC released

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SuperZaxxon v1.70RC released
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