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 Bermuda Syndrome

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: Bermuda Syndrome Jeu 07 Aoû 2014, 12:31

Here is a recompilation of Bermuda Syndrome as requested.

What works:
gameplay, controls, introduction sound

What doesn't work (yet):

D pad: jump/duck/left/right
X; draw/put away weapon
X (with direction): run
Y; show health
A; fire weapon
B; skip video/action
select: quit
start: inventory
Left shoulder: Load savestate
Right shoulder: Save savestate

The game requires the original game files. They need to be placed in /usr/local/home/.bermudasyndrome/DATA/ directory.

Thanks to Century Interactive for the game, Gregory Montoir for the engine ( and DiegoSLTS for the Dingux port which this port is almost entirely based on.

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Bermuda Syndrome
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