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 Exult / Ultima 7

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: Exult / Ultima 7 Sam 21 Déc 2013, 16:38

I picked up Ultima VII The Black Gate, The Silver Serpent and all the expansions from Good Old Games during their sale the other week. So I decided to give porting Exult to the GCW a try.

GCW OPK Package is available here.

Ive only tested it against the GOG's version. My default configuration asumes that the "ULTIMA7" and "SERPENT" folders from "C:\GOG Games\Ultima VII - Complete" are copied to /media/sdcard/u7/ and that the zipped "All In One Audio Pack" from the Exult Website is extracted to:

You can change these paths yourself by providing a configuration file named ".exult.cfg" in the home folder, or modifying the one that gets copied there the first time you launch the game.

Mouse emulation will have to be turned on.

I don't know how playable it will turn out to be on the GCW without a keyboard, I have not played it before. I know it is possible to get past the character name entry screen without typing anything, though.

Dl :
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Exult / Ultima 7
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