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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: Blockling Sam 07 Déc 2013, 19:58

This is a port of an open-source puzzle game I made several years ago when I was learning C++ (so the code is bad, please don't look at it :P). It's inspired by a 1993 DOS shareware game called BLOCK-MAN 1 but I added some new mechanics to it and took it in a different direction.

As an homage, the original levels are actually included; you can see them by choosing the "BLOCK-MAN 1" level-set. It's also possible to make your own levels, which is detailed here...btw does anyone know if there's a better way to include documentation-type stuff with an OPK?
EDIT: The readme is now visible in the app's context menu, thanks to Nebuleon happy

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