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 [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng)

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng) Mer 24 Avr 2013, 15:27

Review Video Console / Tablet GPD5005

A GPD for sending me a sample of your console GPD5005, with which I could generate this review.

Use of this review

It allows you to use this review, either by copying or referenciándola link to anyone who wants it, provided only that you keep the author and a link to the original source of this review, and which is cited in the following section .

Source and update the information in this article

The original article (in Spanish) is in my blog .

For updates on this article, I suggest visiting one of the links above


First of all, I hate referencing to other devices in a review, but this time I think I will need to graph some characteristics of the GPD5005, comparing it with some other products known in the Android community, especially the one focused on consoles with this operating system.

At this time, dual core consoles are starting to generate much interest among users

of these devices, and that since the release of Archos Gamepad and S7300B JXD direct competitor, the scene has been very active, especially with the console JXD thanks to that released the sources of its firmware, have managed to get many advancements in features that can provide the operating system.

Besides the above, the dual-core devices are particularly interesting because in this moment almost all existing titles in the store of google will run on these devices, starting with classic games like Angry birds, and through other more "serious" (in terms of requirements of the machine) such as the famous Nova3, Modern Combat 4, Need for Speed ??Most Wanted and other securities of the same caliber, which generally monocore devices lack the power necessary to move fluent, and in some almost not even run.

Meanwhile, running emulators that require more resources and power also notes, with emulators like Reloaded [/url] ", designed for more powerful devices, now if you can run in a more fluid and satisfying dual-core devices (although there are always titles that require more power yet), resulting in a rather more satisfactory experience in the overall monocore.

For those who know the JXDS7300B, we can say that the "guts", this GPD5005 is, but packaged in 5 ". Might not offer exactly the same experience as her older sisters (basically for lack of a second stick), but I think it's fair to say that this console is what we all expected initially a console android (though always things to improve)

Product Presentation

The sample sent to me corresponds to a pre-production version of the console (version architects) and therefore does not reflect the final version of the product.

The version I have does not have any brand or logo, and clearly not a final product, but the presentation should be a hard cardboard box with the console in a mold as to not move or knock over the Product transfers, and inside the box come a space for accessories included.


  • Device GPD5005
  • Headphones / Headset button
  • User Manual (in Chinese)
  • Cable MicroUSB
  • Carrying

Device description


  • D-PAD (dpad is false.'re 4 buttons)
  • Analog Stick
  • Led Charge
  • Screen Capacitive 5 "
  • Front camera (0.3 MPx)
  • Action Buttons
  • Buttons [Select] & [Start]
  • LED power

Rear View

  • Rear camera (2 MPx)
  • Mono speaker output (and ventilation openings)

Top view

  • Trigger L
  • Left stall

    • Audio output jack 3.55mm (standard)
    • MicroUSB port (OTG)
    • Input Charger (5V)

  • Right stall

    • Puerto MiniHDMI
    • MicroSD slot

  • [POWER] button (on / off / standby)
  • Trigger R

On the quality of the

The viewing angle is very limited, but enough to play in front of the console. (Lose visibility when viewed from a low angle)

Moreover, the touch response of the screen is flawless. Responds very fluently, both the original firmware as with any custom.

Not part of the "quality" of the screen, but take the opportunity to mention that I have not noticed any relentizaciones caused by low refresh rate as presented the problem in other devices. If we ever have noticed a couple of jerks, may have been more for CPU usage problems rather than by the refresh rate of the screen itself.


The device has hardware powerful enough to run the vast majority of titles / games more demanding Android market, but the 5 "screen is enough to enjoy these games?

Examples of screenshots taken directly on the device: Asphalt 7, Bombshells, Nova3 and Wild Blood

After using the device, as well as handheld device connected to a TV / monitor, I can oncluír the resolution offered by the device is enough to run most existing titles on the market. Games like Nova3, like Modern Combat 4 and run smoothly on the screen resolution, offering a gaming experience quite good, especially if connected to an external display and used as a control device for playing directametne, or connect an external control through bluetooth or some wireless receiver (wireless USB control, for example)

About the

The D-PAD is what is called a D-PAD False, and is comprised of four separate keys. Here I will make a comparison to try to plot the quality of the buttons, and the arrangement thereof is better than Yinlips products, and in my opinion are even better than the Archos Gamepad, that the main difference between these is that the Archos are far apart, while in this console are more together and it is easier to do diagonals.

The D-PAD (and buttons in general) are hard at first contact, but after a more or less intensive use of the console, the buttons begin to "let go", being a bit softer to the touch

Which are very hard if triggers are that they are generally quite troublesome to use. I think the worst part of the controls on the console and take out a second review should improve this aspect, as well as being hard, barely protruding from the console housing making it doubly hard pressed. It is necessary to urgently a review at this point, or any mod that manages to improve the use of these buttons, which considering the absence of seconds triggers and second stick, each control / button console offering will be very well used, but long as these controls are comfortable to use.

Still, I hope that using soften with use, or at least see the feasibility of generating a mod to improve the overall experience with these buttons.

Moreover, the stick is quite soft and comfortable to use. Overall I could make more or less precise movements using this stick without any problems.

It is very interesting (and important) comment that there have been no overlap of any kind into the console.

On the mapping tool buttons

The console comes with a tool to assign the physical checks to screen areas, but this tool is very basic and is hardly sufficient to satisfactorily fulfill its purpose.

In the version that has been tested, the tool has a basic control to position the DPAD on screen, but has the option of dividing the DPAD on 4 buttons, that option is not functional, and you can assign the buttons:

  • Square
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Cross
  • Left Trigger
  • Right Trigger

Can not be assigned:

  • Select
  • Start

In addition, the tool can not save profiles, so each time you want to play another game or application, we will have to reconfigure the position of the onscreen controls, not to mention that when you restart the system, the tool returns to be in their mode / default distribution.

KeyMapper Tincore Tool

Views the shortcomings of the tool, I decided to run the tool Tincore KeyMapper on the device, while not give me all the functionality by not having installed the driver Tincore, at least in its basic function if working and, above all, is gains in the profiling and automatic charges.

As I have talk to the dealer GPD, are very interested in incorporating in your tool support for the console, so it's very likely that soon we have something new in this regard, with some version optimized driver with more functionality manage to address the lack of buttons and second stick of this console.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of this new implementation of Tincore, your tool in its basic support mode console driver does similar work to that of the original tool, but the extras that the same tool provides natively, as is the self-profiles (and no need to be charging each profile for each game to use, because the tool automatically loads them)

So far the only "fault" I have found, is that the tool needs to be applied 2 times each profile values ??when assigned manually, but this may also be because I'm using a custom firmware beta, and still need to adjust a few things from him. (At time of writing this article there is already a stable version to release, and I have not used that I have loaded the console for testing all I do and I am commenting on this article)

Note about the overall shape of the device

The design is not particularly striking, and I've even seen / heard mixed reviews in general on this point, but I must say that is quite pleasant to the touch as the plastic has a smooth texture and overall shape is comfortable to use for periods more or less long (more than 1 hour, at least in my case)

Note on the materials used

The materials are not noticed for a very good quality, but are sufficient for the job. Note that the plastic casing leak console enough light (light leaks), and no lights, you can see how the LEDs show through and part of the screen by the edges of the console.

(Rear of the console with the screen on and the light leaks that can be seen with the naked eye)

In any case, press the console do not feel crunches or anything that may make you think you are going to disarm, so in this sense I think we can say that there are no problems in general.

Note on camera

The rear camera sensor is only 2mpx, and has no autofocus, so the picture quality will be nothing remarkable

(Photograph taken on sunny day)

In contrast, the quality of the camera is enough to use programs barcode scanning, so applications like Games Manager (Sort It!) [/??Url], or as the most popular Scanner [/url] work seamlessly with the device, managing to scan quickly and effectively large amount of barcodes in no time.

(Video Games Manager)

(Barcode Scanner)

Device Information

The device has the following hardware configuration (only the most relevant are listed as a device):

  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A9 Dual-core 1GHz
  • GPU: Mali-400 MP2 (Dual-core)
  • RAM: 1GB DDR3
  • Operating System: Android 4.1
  • Screen 5 "capacitive multitouch (5 points)
  • Front camera: 0.3mpx
  • Back camera: 2Mpx
  • Output TV: MiniHDMI
  • External Memory: MicroSD up to 32GB *
  • Mapping Tool: Yes (Basic)
  • Support external Bluetooth **

* It has been testing the console with a 64GB Sandisk Ultra card (gray and red) and found no problems to use it.

By custom firmware **. The official firmware does not support this feature.

Screenshots with information obtained from android, using some known programs with Antutu or Quadrant:


The tests done to devices are called Benchmarks. In the case of tests conducted, focus on 3 of the best known, but above all to be clear that these tests are indicative and in no case should be considered as conclusive as to the ability of the device, since the results of these tests can vary from run to run, and therefore must take into account the overall value you get when you run them.

Also, the versions of the applications I use are "fixed", that is, I'd rather have a free upgrade applications, to measure "the same rule" to different devices.

Utlilizo Applications are:

Antutu Benchmark 3.0.3

Quadrant Standard 2.1.1

Epic Citadel 1.05

Antutu Benchmark 3.0.3

RAM: 1676
CPU integer: 1943
CPU float-point: 1179
2D graphics (480x752)=839
3D graphics (480x752)=2894
Database IO: 550
SD card write: (5.0MB / s) 50
SD card read: (14.0 MB / s) 140
CPU frequency: 1320 MHz (x2)
Total: 9271

Quadrant standard

CPU: 5374
Mem: 2510
I / O: 4685
2D: 521
3D: 1678
Total: 2954

Epic Citadel

Average FPS: 39.4
Resolution: 800x432
Performance Level: Hight Quality

Average FPS: 39.2
Resolution: 800x432
Performance Level: Hight Performance

Use as Android TV Box (Set Top Box)

Given the characteristics of the device, mainly its power, size and price, it becomes a very interesting alternative to consider using as Set Top Box, or who do not understand the term, are these "mini-PC" the size of a flash drive that connect to the TV and come with Android.

Moreover, thanks to firmware v1.0 for GPD5005 Skelrom (beta) used bluetooth support was added to the device, so that a number of factors combine to allow enjoy the device directly connected to the TV and get so much more party.

In tests, I used basically a Sixaxis and wireless keyboard / mouse (2.4GHz, via a receiver). In addition, we have used a USB hub to doncectar multiple USB devices at the same time (wireless receivers, bluetooth, wireless ps2 controller, etc) and everything works very well and smoothly.

But what are the differences in practice with android TV-Box?

It is true that this device perfectly similar one could be compared with dual-core, and it is even more complete, since it comes standard speaker, microphone, camera (x2), buttons / controls and even a display (screen), which a android TV-Box is not generally available for most of these items, but you must also be aware that in some respects a TV-Box if you take advantage of these devices, and that is if we talk about resolution, only available as standard resolution 800x480 pixel screen, and that the same resolution is obtained for the HDMI output. A Android TV Box has several coding generamlente resolutions to work, plus the output type configuration we want to have.

(Connecting a Bluetooth Sixaxis controller)

But one thing is certain. The resolution that has the console allows, not being very high, the performance is very good overall, and this performance translates into a very satisfying user experience in games, and especially in emulation, which is very easy get the feeling of playing on a classic console when connecting the device to a TV and play through some control (wireless is much better, as a Sixaxis or anyone who has a wireless receiver and compatible)

That way someone commented that if this type of disopsitivos can be connected to TV and wireless controllers can be connected, could be compared with a Ouya, relatively speaking. Indeed, this is devices that can do more or less the same (connect to a TV, interact with Android through a remote, keyboard, mouse, etc., and use the device as a console, media center, etc.), but as is as discussed, we must bridge the gap. A Volkswagen Golf used to move from one point to another in a city, and also Ferrari ... but obviously not the same. By this I mean that is well know the potential uses that may have this device, provided these uses are within what is expected and is reasonable.

(Proof of Performance / renidimiento Nova3 game on the console)

From time to know that pointers Android games currently as Modern Combat Nova 3 or 4 can be run without problems, should be a good benchmark for what can or can not do this console.

General Device Performance

Use of the device does a very good feeling, since the overall system responds very well, both the touchscreen controls to the console. In tests are using the device's original driver for the controls, and not appreciated input lag (not counting the natural lag have some programs / emulators)

(First boot the console and a quick review of it)

The screen, as I said above, I found that has a very good answer, and the only downside I can say is that when the console has a low battery and the charger is connected, ghost touches are presented in screen, that is, when we press at some point, you can see as you begin to push other parts of the screen at the same time, but this problem is rather common in android devices and do not consider a particular problem of this console.

Performance Android games

Overall the device has sufficient resources to run in general any application or game that exists in the market from google (at least those existing at the time of writing this article)

For purposes of video capture, has been used in most tests a controller Sixaxis bluetooth connected, and a screen connected through the HDMI port.

The console in the absence of a second stick means that most FPS games are to be played using the touch screen, since there are not enough controls to map in the game. (I hope this can be solved in part with any future implementation Tincore driver and mapping tool)

Shadowgun (using Sixaxis)

The game runs very fluid (like all games on android). To say that it is especially nice to play with a controller Sixaxis and connected to a TV, as the feeling of home console is authentic, creating a very successful gaming experience, immersive, more even without considering that this game does not show on-screen controls when you are using a joystick, so that helps a lot more to the feeling of home console in general.

Asphalt 7: Heat (using tilting the device)

I used the command console and directly, to play on a monitor connected to it, and I have set movements to tilt the console to the steering wheel. You can see that the control is quite accurate (tilt control responds very well) and you can enjoy a very satisfactory degree when using an externally connected monitor.

Here I must mention that the HDMI port of the console, in my case it was very tight to enter a size and shaped wire ajusatada miniHDMI and, for this reason, it is quite firm on the console so it does not disconnect the movements do the same.

Jet Set Radio (using the controls on the device natively, without mapping them)

Well known game that has been released in Android. No need to configure anything special on it, or use a mapper, because the game recognizes directly and native device controls.

I'm not a good player of this title, but I think in the video I can give a general idea that you can play and enjoy without any problems on the console, using the physical controls (buttons, triggers and analog)

Virtua Tennis (Using various forms of play: Touch screen controls, console, Sixaxis)

This game goes to show the possibilities it can offer the console, when interacting with games. The title itself has native support for joysticks and touch screen, and in this case I made use of a Sixaxis that I have plugged in, then I played with the controls on the console (I have not set anything, the game is recognized directly controls device) and use of the touch screen to play.

I've played both on the screen of the device, and screen connected by HDMI, resulting in a very good gaming experience in any of the combinations of alternatives that I mentioned (among controls and displays).

Bombshells: Hell's Belles (KeyMapper Tincore Using Basic Mode)

Title little known but I think quite ornate, with fluid control and good candidate to show Tincore mapper in action (basic mode, since there is no driver for the device at the moment)

I'm not good at the game, that is obvious, but I think the general idea of ??what to do is more or less clear. I used the analog stick (mapped on the screen) and the buttons assigned to the corresponding controls, generating a very good gaming experience (without the annoying fingers on the screen, which reduced visibility in general)

For those who still do not know the consoles Android (Android devices with physical buttons to play), saying that this title (or its features arcade) but the buttons results in complete handheld game feeling, at the height of any of the alternatives.

Dead Space (Using touch control, playing on an external monitor)

This title is one of those games that is hard to generate a profile mapping of controls, since it has dynamic elements on the screen (such as icons or actions need to touch / swipes to perform) that make it difficult to use 100% mapped controls system , making it a candidate to be played using the console as a control and an external display to enjoy 100% of the game.

Very possibly with a driver Tincore and proper mapping tool (with support of swipes) this title could be playing mostly with the controls on the console.

Modern Combat 4 (Using onscreen controls aa basic remapping)

This is one of those titles that currently can not be missed as part of the test battery an Android device.

In the video you can see that in general there implementation issues of the title, and if you are not a good gameplay is basically because I have no habit of using touch controls in this type of game, but the goal of the video is to see the performance of the title in this device.

Rayman Jungle Run

Being a game that in general should have no problem, if he has shown certain relentizaciones point. The game itself does not require many resources for its implementation, but any process that may be in the background can affect the development of this title.

In general, except the above, the game runs smoothly without lag in the control without lag or distortion problems in the audio (which if I have seen on other devices)

Wild Blood

Example game for use with a key mapper in this case, using Basic Mode KeyMapper Tincore.

Emulated Games

Toca comment as console behaves with some emulators, especially those recuros more CPU / GPU may require such as the N64, PSX, or even I have ventured to other newer and have had a breakthrough lately as may be the PSP.

To say that in general, given the characteristics of the hardware (lower resolution screen), emulators running quite fluently (and within what is expected of each emulator and games).

Playstation (ePSXe)

This time I opted for the emulator ePSXe, for no particular reason, just was the first I installed and seeing that I was pretty well decided to continue testing the console using this emulator.

The difference has been that in some of these games I use a Sixaxis controller directly, basically as a matter of convenience, but others have used the controls of the device and that, except that they are relatively hard, you can play overall smooth ( mainly because there are no problems of overlap, which continues to be a very important aspect to consider)

Tekken 3

As some may know, this game is my favorite and default tester for various reasons among them that more or less I have a great knowledge in the game and see if I can drop in framerate, or if the controls respond properly to certain movements more "picky" and that require finer control and precise.

Also, I find it especially useful to see on screen information generated inputs because I can identify with this problems of overlap or strange behaviors in controls. In this case I noticed that the emulator contorles mappings, but not assigned correctly, so you can see that:





It's funny, because in the mapping of the emulator are correctly assigned. Apart from this, both play with the Sixaxis as with console controls have no more problems (yes, and as expected the sixaxis turns out to be much more convenient and accurate than controls on the device)

Guilty Gear

I'm no expert player in this game (you can see in the video), but most of my poor skill in, you can see that the title will fulll speed, without any significant drop in framerate, as if I appreciated in other devices I've tried before.

Nintendo 64 (N64oid)

For Nintendo64 emulation usually use this emulator as more or less know how it goes in different consoles and is easier to identify me when can fail or not to go totally fine on a specific device.

Super Mario 64 (Using the controls on the console and a Sixaxis)

It has become one of the default-test games for the famous movement of "going on tiptoe", and all this to confirm that the stick really is an analog device.

So yeah, I confirm that the analog stick is real, and which incidentally responds well and is very comfortable to use. I also confirm that is linked to the D-PAD (though not if hardware level or not)

At the time of writing and publishing this review I have not been able to upload more videos of the tests I've done, for I have problems with the ADSL line.

Mario Kart 64 (Using Sixaxis)

This game I use that, but generally doing well, there are still some points that create problems in some device, usually translated relentizaciones, as the moment of start of the race, there is always a jump in framerates.

In the case of GPD5005, you can see the jump at the start of the race, but except that one moment, the rest of the game runs very smoothly without framerate drops (no microsaltos).

Note that in the video I'm making use of the Sixaxis analog stick, and the answer is right in the emulator.

M.A.M.E. (Mame4Droid Reloaded)

This emulator is characterized (and difference) of his "brother" "MAME4ALL", which requires more resources and general machine to be used. In general if you have a good machine, we recommend using MAME4ALL instead of this other emulator, to get a good gaming experience.

Marvel vs Capcom

Like Tekken 3 for PSX, I use this other game to test the performance and response of the device to play with Mame.

I have had some slow-down point, but I think it was rather by CPU usage and governors, who in general and not melt the battery I have in ondemand.

To emphasize that, in general, combinations of powers (turning and pressing 2 or 3 buttons at the same time) are executed with relative ease, although you have to practice a little to take the feel of the controls.

Powers as balls and the like (quarter turn or half turn of the d-pad) come quite easily, even being a d-pad false (made up of 4 separate buttons)

At the time of writing and publishing this review I have not been able to upload more videos of the tests I've done, for I have problems with the ADSL line.

Play Station Portable (PPSSPP)

I've been pleasantly surprised with this emulator twice, first in its current version is a more or less large amount of games, if not go fullspeed at least be playable in android, and I found some that run quite well on this console.

Tekken Dark Resurrection

To mark a base in this emulation, my game is Tekken DR test, which is playable, but still needed to go to 100%, and therefore I can use as the basis of evidence (not a game that would be worth going 100 % fullspeed)

The game, as you can see in the video, has enough frameskip, but it's still playable to some degree. In the video you can see I've done by removing the audio tests, to see if it gains some speed, but the feeling is the same as with audio.

I have also tried to load some less ornate stage, as is the training, and it shows some improvement in the performance by not having to draw objects textures and more complex scenarios.

I have tried other games on the console, and in general those who are going without major problems 2D, and 3D, well, go relentizados, but that lack maturity in the emulator. Still, the performance and execution of games in general rather surprised, and opens up a whole range of possibilities to enjoy the device.

As I mentioned earlier, I could not upload more video hata the time of this review, because the connection I'm using is very slow and does not allow for more speed up the videos I captured (Soul Calibur, Lord of Arcana, among other). If after publishing this review interesting encounter attach new videos, I'll update this review with them.

Official Firmware Firmware Cutom

At the time of this review, there is one official firmware dealer page, and the first custom firmware for the console (developed by Skelton)

Official Firmware GPD

On the official website of GPD can download the stock firmware of the device:

  • Stock Firmware 1.7

The installation method is very simple. You have to download the firmware file, and unzip it in the root directy of the MicroSD (microSD preferably a little size, to avoid compatibility problems in the installation)

these files should be in the root:

  • UImage_recovery
  • Usb_burning.img

Note: When installing new firmware, deletes all data and programs, so it is recommended to create a backup of what you want to save before proceeding with firmware installation.

With the console off, insert the microSD and then press and hold the [START], and while holding turn on the console. After a few seconds you should see a picture of the Android icon indicating that the system is being updated.

When finished, restart the console and you have installed the firmware.

Custom Firmware v1.0 for GPD5005 Skelrom

This review has been carried out using a Custom Firmware Beta. While ending this article, has released a new firmware for the console audience.

  • [Url= #! 4lBgwSyb! DD1GygAnBAEWXrnTqhfd6GdebPln_ZTvBs1oHIaNnM8] Custom Firmware v1.0 for GPD5005 Skelrom [/url]

Among the features of this firmware are support for Bluetooth USB devices, giving the console a number of features and functionality that have been discussed. (The main connection controls and keyboards / mice by bluetooth)

For more information on this console, / firmware, available at [url=, 134.0.html] address [/url]

Installation is similar to an official firmware. download the file and unpack the contents on microSD.

It should generate the following files in the root of the microSD

  • Factory_para_update_aml
  • UImage_recovery

With the console off, press and hold the [START] and hold, turn on the console.

The installation process will start automatically and eventually rebooted.

Already installed the custom firmware!

Pros, cons and improvements

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, is that in my opinion this console is what should have been in the beginning the android console race. It has many good points to highlight, but also other bad to be mentioned, and, of course, some who are fully upgradeable should raise an evolution of this model in the future.


  • The 5 "of this console make it fully portable
  • Capacitive screen with a very good response
  • System with enough power to move almost anything currently on the market of Google
  • You already have custom firmware, which is always a plus for these devices
  • Thanks to the custom firmware has enabled the use of Bluetooth USB dongles, which opens a range of possibilities to enjoy the device.
  • His performance as Android TV (when connected to a TV) is pretty good and generates a number of interesting possibilities that we are not used to thinking in a console android, and especially by enabling Bluetooth, and devices that can connect.
  • I'll consider a good point the battery life, which without being spectacular, can be about 2.5 hours, depending on the type of use made of. (Note that the battery is not including high capacity, and has a very large size, considering the size of the console)
  • The analog stick has very good touch and can be used quite easily to make movements more "accurate"
  • Low resolution camera, but enough to do some work as barcode scanning (and with this, use the device with some related applications of the market)
  • The system is fluid and give similar values ??in the benchmarks, both running at 1GHz as 1.32GHz (not proven to 1.5GHz)


  • The D-PAD is false, although admittedly that still responds relatively well.
  • The buttons are hard in general, but will soften with use
  • Lack of second stick
  • Lack of L2 and R2
  • L1 and R1 buttons are very hard, and are inconvenient to use
  • The mapper has several flaws, including not having to save profiles, you can not map [SELECT] or [START], and mode split d-pad does not work
  • After intensive use of the console, it shows warming in the left rear. You notice a reasonable improvement using less demanding governors and a frequency of 1GHz CPU (the tests in this review, except for the benchmarks have been executed with the console at 1GHz)
  • D-Pad and Analog Stick are attached
  • The screen has a raised edge, which prevents playability edges thereof with fingers.


  • Considering the console, and the current competition, it is urgent to add a second analog stick
  • It is urgent improvement in the triggers to make them more comfortable
  • Connection to L2 and R2
  • Change your D-PAD 4-button D-PAD for actual single piece
  • Improved heat dissipation system
  • Add internal bluetooth module on the motherboard.


The device itself has pleasantly surprised me. I must admit that when I first saw it I was not a very good impression of him, both by design and by the general appearance presenting their controls, but once I turned on the console and started to put it to use, I had very surprised that can deliver performance in general.

The warming issue is a problem that will most often come out on devices, especially the smallest and is not having much interior space, the possibilities of incorporating a heat dissipation system become smaller. This could already be seen in previous devices, and will continue in coming.

Similarly, the battery is another point to be the flip side of this type of devices. While they are smaller, less internal space there to put a high capacity battery. For this, I think it's best to get in the proper context and to refer to the use of a leading current console such as a PSVita or 3DS, and is so standard that we are talking about devices that can last about 3.5 approximate hours of use. For Android, you have to see how mobile could last a similar but giving the use given to these consoles (basically play), is that we may be talking about similar durations, so in this sense I that, and this is an opinion of mine, a standard duration for Android will be for the 3.5 hours approximate (for devices of this type, not a tablet of 10 "has plenty of room for a large battery)

That said, I think 2.5 hours to play a game like Nova3 (put a game that requires a lot) is a reasonable time battery life, but that does not mean that as users want more length / autonomy.

And on controls generally are allowed to use and "sufficient", although fully upgradable. The use of the device as an Android-TV, and connect the Sixaxis to have been a very nice to be able to use the console, pulling a benefit not generally expect to get in this kind of devices.

For anyone who has not yet realized that this console is special, to say that (and here I will use a comparison with another product, to graph the example) this device is the hardware of a JXDS7300B, but in 5 ", which is that a lot of people will draw attention because it is more or less what they were waiting like android portable console concept.

Final Words.

It was very nice to have this change of heart has led me to this console, and can explain in this review. This is a typical example of that first impressions can be deceiving, and thankfully it has done for good (although I insist that you have many things to improve)

I hope this article will serve as a small help / guide for those seeking information on this device.


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Msg n°2 MessageSujet: Re: [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng) Mer 24 Avr 2013, 15:32

Awesome! Very nice review. Thanks Deen0X :top:

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Msg n°3 MessageSujet: Re: [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng) Jeu 25 Avr 2013, 18:06

:merci: Thank you for this full review !

Dédicace pour BAF avec Dead Space android ?
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Msg n°4 MessageSujet: Re: [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng) Jeu 25 Avr 2013, 19:54

mleroy a écrit:
Dédicace pour BAF avec Dead Space android ?

sorry. i don´t know what you mean with this (i´m not french or english spoken)

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Msg n°5 MessageSujet: Re: [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng) Jeu 25 Avr 2013, 20:01

Master BAFleton is a DEAD SPACE fan. mleroy said that your video was dedicated to him. :top:

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Msg n°6 MessageSujet: Re: [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng) Jeu 25 Avr 2013, 21:54

aps, ok. thanks for the clarification.

sorry, i only grab this vid for showing this game running on the device. (but between us, if you want to tell if the vid is dedicated, for me no problem) Wink

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Msg n°7 MessageSujet: Re: [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng) Jeu 25 Avr 2013, 21:58

OMG Very Happy

Thanx for this great review !
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Wonderful ! Great and Fully review !

Thanks Deen0x !

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Msg n°9 MessageSujet: Re: [REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng)

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[REVIEW] Console / Tablet GPD5005 (Dual-Core 5") (Eng)
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