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 [Concours] Spécial Android- Liste des Warriors ! (English Version)

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: [Concours] Spécial Android- Liste des Warriors ! (English Version) Ven 25 Mai 2012, 14:54

Oye Oye joyful crowds gathered!

We ended up the analysis of questionnaires! This was not an easy task!

You are exactly 20 that responded to all questions! The question on the intruder was walking too much for some! The 20 successful candidates are those who found the three intruders from the list.

The intruders were therefore find:


So yes it was not simple, then yes it was vicious, but at the same time had to find a way to decide because you agree that for the rest it was easy Or you just have to ask for your username and we have drawn! But in Openconsoles it's not like that, we do not like the facility, We love challenges!

We accept for two possible dates for the launch of the official date of Android. We realized that this could be confusing. Openconsoles but we are open and have therefore taken into account various comments you!

Here I feel that you tell yourself that it's dragging k0k0 the bazaar and we drunk his sentences with the nuts

Here is the list of 20 Warriors, Masters of the Android OS!


During the day the master of Random will operate. And Môssieur BAFELTON (if there is not spoil you!) In person you will announce the winner of the JXD S5110 in the evening.

Thank you all for your participation and for the trust you place in us!

:fiesta2: :fiesta2: :fiesta2: :fiesta2: :fiesta2: :fiesta2:

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[Concours] Spécial Android- Liste des Warriors ! (English Version)
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