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 SuperZaxxon - Beta 5 released

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: SuperZaxxon - Beta 5 released Mer 23 Mai 2012, 18:02

Thanks a lot to notaz for his hard work and numerous fixes.

SuperZaxxon Beta 5 is ready to be tested! Compared to SuperZaxxon Beta 4, this release has the following changes:

NEW / FIX: switched to Nokia's version of SGX kernel driver (more stable, new kernel only)
FIX: Occasional crash/hang on wifi module load fixed
FIX: Added some missing USB TV drivers
FIX: Sound recording has been fixed
FIX: Removed various sound controls that are not useful on pandora
FIX: (hopefully): TV overlay on the new kernel
FIX: (hopefully) added scaler filter control
FIX: Date/Time-Setting: Allow to cancel dialogs
FIX: Date/Time-Setting: Disable screensaver when changing time
FIX: Date/Time-Setting: Write to hwclock
FIX: MiniMenu: /usr/pandora/mmenu is being scanned again
FIX: MiniMenu: Added scan-delay when inserting SD-Card (this fixes the scanning in MiniMenu)
NEW: Preliminary support for Hold-Button
NEW: Included slaeshjaegs configbutton-Tool (change Pandora-Related settings from XFCE-Tray)
UPDATE: Kernel updated to 3.2.17
UPDATE: Increase audio pm and dirty_expire delays
UPDATE: Changes slider size to 20 (works good with fingers and stylus)

Beta 5 release is pretty much stable and the best firmware we got so far.
Suspending is now working fine, charging works properly, the touchscreen is very responsive, powersaving is awesome, ZRAM helps with programs that need more RAM. Aaaand finally we hava a use for the Hold-Button: It simply disabled input. The new SGX-Driver from Nokia might also fix some issues.

Unless we find serious bugs (hopefully not), Beta 5 will probably be the latest beta before we release an officially stable version of SuperZaxxon happy

So here it is, available as full flash:
Download SuperZaxxon Beta 5

Please note: Flashing the new firmware will put your unit back into a default state. All your settings and users will be lost. Of course, this does not apply to PNDs which save their stuff on the SD-Card.

For those running from SD cards, you first need to install the new bootloaders.
You can do this by copying everything from above zip to root of SD card, but leaving out rootfs.img and rootfs.md5 and then following usual reflashing procedure. Then everything but NAND rootfs will be reflashed.

To install it, simply extract the archive onto the root of your SD Card.
Insert the SD Card into the left slot. Keep R (shoulder) pressed while switching on your Pandora and select "Boot from SD1"

]If "Boot from SD1" doesn't appear, try to reformat the SD Card using Panasonic SD Formatter, recopy the files and retry

You can also use the SD Installer and run the OS off SD Card.
Grab the image needed for the SD Installer here

A lire ici :

[Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]
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Msg n°2 MessageSujet: Re: SuperZaxxon - Beta 5 released Jeu 07 Juin 2012, 22:36

Juste pour dire que la version est passée en beta 5a Wink
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SuperZaxxon - Beta 5 released
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