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 Les Pandoras sur la bonne voie !

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: Les Pandoras sur la bonne voie ! Sam 11 Fév 2012, 10:02

Mail reçu ce matin :

Citation :

Thanks for preordering the Pandora!
The time has finally come - the production is about to start within the next 2 weeks and the first Pandoras "Made in Germany" will start to ship before March!

Thanks a lot for your support.
The Pandora might be a bit more expensive than other systems, but you're supporting a small team and will get the smallest portable Linux Mini PC - including gaming controls!

When you preordered, I told you that the price can still drop a bit, depending on the USD/EUR conversion rate and other little tidbits.
Well, while the USD/EUR conversion wasn't too well for Germans lately, some other things have turned out quite well, so I'm happy to tell you that the price has dropped a few bucks.
This eMail is to confirm your order and any payments you already did in advance.
It's also possible to add more items from the GP2X shop (
Read more about that further down.

The most important thing is to check your address and order. This is very important, as the shipping service will most likely not deliver it if the address if wrong.

Also check if the amount you prepaid is correct.

In case everything is correct and you don't want any changes, there's no need to reply to this mail.

Your address is:

The amount of money already paid in advance: --- EUR

Here's your complete order:

1 x Pandora, Price: 370 --- Total: 370 EUR (=440 EUR incl. VAT)

Grand Total: 370 EUR (=440 EUR incl. VAT)

You will receive another eMail with instructions of how and when you need to do the remaining payment in about 7 - 12 days, including the shipping costs.

A quick FAQ:

Q: When will I get my unit?
A: That's impossible to tell. Some users might've accidentally placed multiple orders, some might back off. However, you will probably receive the Pandora within the next 6 weeks.
To follow the production, check out the Official News Section on the Pandora Boards (

Q: Why are there two different prices in my order? VAT? What's that?
A: VAT (Value added tax) is some tax we Europeans have to pay on all our items. So if you are living in Europe, you have to pay the price including the VAT. If you're living outside of the EU, your price is the one without the VAT.

Q: Help! It seems you didn't get my prepayment!
A: Relax. I haven't checked for payments after January 31st yet, so it might be your payment was still in transfer if you made it just before February.
Also, with such a huge amount of orders, it can happen I've overseen it somehow. Simply reply to this mail and let me know when you made the transfer and how you did it (PayPal, Bank Transfer) and what name you used to send the money and I'll sort it out happy

Q: I got multiple copies of this mail, but I only want one Pandora!
A: You probably sent the form a couple of times. No problem, just reply to this mail and let me know which order(s) I should delete.

Q: Why is the price for the TV Out Cable 0 EUR?
A: Unfortunately, we're still working on finding a company who will produce the cable. As we don't know yet when the cables will be finished, these will be removed from the order.

Q: How can I add other items you've got in your shop?
A: Check out my shop (
If there's anything you want, just reply to this mail and let me know what you want.
Keep in mind that the shop is located in Germany, so any prices it will show you have 19% VAT included. However, if you're living outside of the EU, you don't have to pay VAT.
In that case, deduct 19% from the price you see there.
An example:

The price of the Retrode2 is 64.90 EUR. That's your price if you live within the EU. If you live outside of the EU, your price would be 64.90 EUR / 1.19 = 54,54 EUR.

That's it for now. I'll keep you updated with the latest developments happy

EvilDragon aka Michael Mrozek

OpenPandora GmbH
CEO: Michael Mrozek
Schaeffbraeustr. 11
85049 Ingolstadt

Le prix a légèrement baissé de 5 €.
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Msg n°2 MessageSujet: Re: Les Pandoras sur la bonne voie ! Dim 12 Fév 2012, 12:29

j'ai reçu le même mail.

within the next 6 weeks? j'ai peur qu'il s'enflamme un peu là... Very Happy

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Arcade gamer

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Msg n°3 MessageSujet: Re: Les Pandoras sur la bonne voie ! Lun 13 Fév 2012, 12:16

Je l'ai reçu aussi. Et il n'a pas pris en compte les 10 euros que j'avais donnés pour la préco (le 4 Octobre !

Par contre, 440 euros, ça fait quand même très cher...

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Msg n°4 MessageSujet: Re: Les Pandoras sur la bonne voie !

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Les Pandoras sur la bonne voie !
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