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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: PanPlayer Dim 01 Jan 2012, 15:37

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Un player Multimédia pour la Pandora. Apparemment, c'est du lourd !

A récupérer ici : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]

Citation :
Changes from Beta 4:

- Uses omapfb by default, with patches from notaz to enable tear free playback
- Latest picklelauncher with a new skin
- Mplayer2 used instead of mplayer, with the latest ffmpeg
- Disabled the screen blanking while playing the video
- 8MB cache used by default to help with some files

Brief rundown of controls:
- A: Quit
- B: Select file, folder, or option
- Y: Enter the configuration panel for that file, doesn't do anything yet, but will be expanded upon in future versions
- X: Go back a directory or get out of the options screen
- R: Go back a directory
- Start: Application configuration screen, again, does nothing yet

- A: Select subtitle track
- B: Exit mplayer
- Y: Select audio track
- X: Play/Pause
- 8/9: Increase or decrease the software volume level
- 1/2: Increase/Decrease contrast
- 3/4: Increase/Decrease brightness
- z/x: Change subtitle sync
- -/+: Change audio/video sync
- m: Mute audio
Other controls can be located within the mpdefaults.conf file.

Special notes:
These are the files within appdata:
mpconfig.conf - mplayer configuration
mpinput.conf - mplayer input settings
config.txt - don't edit
profile.txt - used to determine what files to display

Omapfb can sometimes be finicky, if you get just a blank screen or unable to quit, press down the pandora button in xfce or minimenu to kill the application. It will be black list, you have to play another file to get it working again. Check readme for more info.
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