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 Zaxxon Hotfix 5 Final

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Msg n°1 MessageSujet: Zaxxon Hotfix 5 Final Dim 09 Oct 2011, 18:43

Citation :
* LCD-Settings: Fixed the bug where the user could delete the default gamma setting
* Mass Storage Settings: Fixed a bug where it didn't remount the card under certain conditions
* First Run Wizard + Date / Time-Setting: Fixed timezone-selection.
* WiFi: New driver and firmware version with a lot of fixes (Yuri Ershov, notaz and Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli)
* xf86-video-omapfb: Handle cycle/forcer events better
* Automount: Unmount from Thunar / XFCE4 is now possible
* Low-Power-Mode: Speed now set to 125 MHz (works more stable and doesn't use more power)
* Lid Closing: Disabled LCD Blanking, since that has issues with some programs
* Brightness-Buttons: Changed values so that the screen doesn't flicker anymore
* pnd_run: Lots of fixes and cleanups (sebt3)
* pnd_run: Fixed running of directories with PXMLs inside (Paul Brook)
* Remove empty AUFS-Directories after unmounting (thanks to sebt3)
* U-Boot: Add WiFi reset on boot (fixes occassional power eating from WiFi Chip even if it was switched off)
* Fixed broken OPP after the unit crashed (patch by urjaman)
* Included latest SGX PowerVR drivers (thanks to notaz)
* MiniMenu: A lot of bugfixes and optimizations.
* omap3-sgx-modules: backport spinlock fix from omap3630 (thanks to notaz)
* Small optimization (changed rm to rmdir)
* MiniMenu: Now using only 3-4% CPU when idling
* Kernel: Various fixed, especially the errors when copying from one SD Card to the other one should be fixed (thanks to urjaman and notaz).

New Features:
* LCD-Settings: Added Video-FIR-Selector (current and default one)
* Applications: Removed Pidgin, Gnumeric, AbiWord, Clawsmail (use the PNDs from sebt3!)
* Applications: Added GCalcTool (Calculator)
* Tools: Added xdotool
* CPU-Speed: Now configurable using /etc/pandora/conf/cpu.conf or using the new CPU-Settings-Editor
* Pandora-State: Can now set a default CPU Speed during startup
* XFCE4: Enabled Icons in Startmenu, added Pandora-Splashscreen
* pnd_run: Script now popups a message if mount fails (sebt3)
* U-Boot: Pandora Menu: Always add serial option (for sure)
* Libraries: Added libsamplerate
* MiniMenu: Added new config options (i.e. do not quit on app run, remove detail panel, etc.)
* MiniMenu: Added Subcategories in the Grid (for quicker browsing).
* MiniMenu: Included OVR-Editor (so you can rename, move or change other settings of PNDs)
* MiniMenu: Added Directory Browser
* OS: Added Version number to Splashscreen

Voici le lien vers la version 5 du Hotfix en attendant une version stable du 6.

A récupérer ici : [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]
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Zaxxon Hotfix 5 Final
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